• Interbank spreads
  • Transparent STP execution
  • No conflict of interests
  • Equity protection
  • EU regulation
  • Funds protection
  • Custodian account deposits
  • Volume-based trading fee reduction
  • Hedging and Scalping allowed
  • Pending orders at 0.01 pips from market
  • Unlimited open trades
  • Advanced Client Portal
  • 24/5 support

T1 multi-account management

T1 MAM is an advanced portfolio management system that allows Money Managers to trade and manage multiple clients’ accounts from a single terminal.
Tier1FX Money Managers program combines pure Straight-Through-Processing (STP) execution and Direct Market Access (DMA) to top tier banks’ liquidity with an all-inclusive MAM solution.
The unique features of T1 MAM fully support Money Managers needs, allowing them to focus on their trading strategies and enabling them to manage with ease their clients’ accounts across a range of back-office funcionalities and risk management tools.
Focus on trading! T1 MAM provides the ultimate administration and trading tools to help you grow your business efficiently.

Trading strategy property protection

Prevent your trading strategies from being copied with the ability to hide trades from sub-accounts. Protect your intellectual property yet keeping informed your clients by showing closed trades profit/loss.

All trading strategies allowed

Implement your trading strategy with no restrictions.
check-greenhedging and scalping allowed
check-greenprending orders, SL and TP placed withing just 0.01 pips distance from market
check-greenno restrictions on the number of open and pending positions

Equity Protection Management (EPM)

Allow your clients to control and manage the risk exposure of their managed accounts with T1 EPM tool.
Stop Loss system:
Let your clients set up the equity drawdown limit of their managed accounts with the “Stop Loss” system that then you can accept or decline (JForex feature only). Once the equity falls to the Stop Loss level your client have specified, the system will automatically close all open positions and will cancel all pending orders.
Leave button:
Clicking the “Leave” button on your clients managed accounts instantly closes all open positions and cancels all pending orders.

Seamless trading activity

Deposit and withdraw funds at any time without affecting positions and other clients’ trades.

Customized clients' permission

Manage clients’ permission to join managed trading programs on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Allocation % precision down to the 8th decimal

T1 MAM gives you the unique ability to allocate trades by percentage down to the 8th decimal across multiple clients’ accounts.

Automatic performance fee administration

Calculate and pay performance fee easily and automatically.

Automatic high watermark tracking

Monitor and ensure transparency on your performance portfolio by tracking the peaks reached.

Competitive remuneration packages

Benefit from our tailor-made remuneration structures:
check-greenCommission sharing: daily payment
check-greenRebates sharing
check-greenPerformance fee: monthly, quarterly, yearly
check-greenMaintenance fee

Leads/clients management

Manage with ease new leads and clients database from T1 MAM administration tools.
Monitor fund transfers and traded volume, calculate fees and generate summary reports with our back-office solution.


Demo set and show-case tools

Present prospective clients with a unique real-time demo set of your portfolio strategy and trading statistics.

Advanced summary reporting

Keep your clients fully informed about the status of their investments.

Equity control and protection

Enable clients to control the exposure of their investments by setting up their own equity drawdown limit.
launchapp_small See step-by-step instructions for setting up your EPM  here

Easy access to MAM programs

Allow clients to select and join different programs of your MAM with one-click.

Different currencies accounts

JForex MAM allows your clients the unique opportunity to select their preferred account base currency, regardless of the MAM main currency.

Account funding by MAM programs

Enable clients to split funds among the Money Manager’s multiple programs.

Meet your clients needs with T1 MAM.
Contact us for a personalised demostration of our MAM unique features.