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Where can I download MT4?

You can download the MT4 platform, on a device of your choice, from our Download Centre .

What is T1 MT4 GMT offset?/What time zone is shown on the MT4 platform?

The time displayed on MT4 is GMT+2 (autumn to spring) or GMT+3 (spring to autumn).

Can I use MT4 on Mac?

Yes! You can install MT4 for Mac download small here.

How do I change my MT4 password?

You can change your password directly from your MT4 platform:

square Click Tools>Options and select the “Server” tab.

square Click the “Change” button on the right-hand side.

square Insert your Current Password and make sure the “Change master password” option is selected.

square Type in your new password in the “New Password” field and re-type it in the “Confirm” box.

square Click “OK”.

I get the following error message: “Trade context is busy”. What does this mean?

This usually occurs when several instructions are submitted at the same time from your terminal to our servers. Multiple mouse clicks or a hyperactive EA, for example, may be the reason.

A simple restart of your platform should fix this issue.

I get the following error message: “Off quotes”. What does this mean?

Off-quotes” usually indicates connectivity issues resulting in no pricing being available.

Please ensure that your Internet connection is stable; a wireless Internet connection is generally more likely to cause such instability.

I get the following error message: Invalid account”/“No connection. What does this mean?

Please ensure that you have entered your correct login details.

We recommend you type them in manually rather than copying and pasting them.

What does the error message “Old Version” mean?

This indicates that your platform did not upgrade automatically to the latest build release. You can upgrade it manually using one of two methods:

square Right-click on the platform icon on your desktop and select “Run as Administrator”. Starting the terminal this way should prompt the upgrade.

square If the issue persists, please re-download the platform from our Download Centre . To ensure that no data is lost during this process, please download the platform to a New Folder.

How do I place a Trailing Stop?

To place a Trailing Stop, simply right-click on the open trade in the Terminal window, select “Trailing Stop” and click on the desired value.

To delete a Trailing Stop, right-click on the trade in question, select “Trailing Stop” and click “None” on the context menu.

Will my Trailing Stop be executed even if I shut down my computer?

If you are using MT4 or WebTrader, the Trailing Stop is only saved on your terminal and will not be executed if you are not logged into your platform or your computer is switched off.

Why are the Buy/Sell symbols disabled when I try to place a trade?

This can be due to several reasons:

square Make sure that you are trying to place a trade within the trading hours of the specified instrument and within the general trading hours ;

square Check if you have specified the trade size in the “Volume” field of the New Trade window; if the value is zero, the Buy and Sell buttons will be greyed out.

How do I add an indicator to the chart?

The quickest way to add an indicator without modifying its default settings is to simply drag and drop it from the Navigator window to the required chart.

If you wish to make specific changes to the default settings, please follow these steps:

square Open the required chart

square Click on the Insert>Indicator from the top menu OR double click on the indicator in question in the Navigator Window.

square A pop-up window will allow you to modify the specific parameters.

square When done, simply click OK.

{slider-level2 How do I install a custom indicator?} You can install custom indicators in a few easy steps:

square Make sure the indicator has the extension .mql

square Save the indicator to the following folder on your computer:
C:\Program Files\Tier One FX MetaTrader 4\ experts\indicators\

square Restart your MT4 platform and find the new indicator in the “Custom Indicators” folder within the Navigator window (on the lower left-hand side of the platform, just below “Market Watch”)

Then you can simply add it to your charts, following the steps set out above.

How do I save my chart settings? What is the difference between Templates and Profiles?

The MT4 Template is a set of chart parameters that can be applied to other charts. You can save a Template by clicking on Charts/Template/SaveTemplate then load it to a different chart by clicking Charts/Template/LoadTemplate and selecting the template you need.

Profiles are very useful when working with a set of charts. When a Profile is loaded, each chart with its settings is placed exactly in the same location at the time the profile was saved. To save your current settings as a Profile, click File>Profiles>Save As. To load a Profile, simply select it from the File>Profiles list.


Yes, you can.

I have two MT4 Live Accounts. Can I see/manage them at the same time on the same device?

No, you can only login to one account on a single MT4 terminal at a time.

Can I obtain your IP address?

For security reasons, we cannot provide you with our IP addresses.


How does the PIN work?

The PIN is a 4 digit authentication code that offers better security when accessing your account.
You need to type in the characters shown in the number boxes corresponding to your PIN. For example, let’s say that your PIN is 1237 and you see the following displayed:


You have to type in the numbers shown in boxes 1, 2, 3 and 4, in that order: in this example, the code you’d need to enter would be 53638.

If the secure code is not accepted, click “Reload” for another attempt without having to retype your login and password.

Is it possible not to use the PIN feature?

Yes, however you will have to register one or more static IP addresses that you are connecting from.

To do so, please send an email request to support@tier1fx.com , providing your Client ID and the Static IP address(es) you want to register. The request must be sent from the email address registered to your Tier1FX account.

How can I set a maximum slippage to my Stop Loss order?

This is not allowed as a Stop Loss order is an unconditional order and is filled whatever the price may be.

How do I remove a price marker line?

Double click on it to select it, then right click and choose ‘Remove‘ from the drop down menu or simply press the Delete key on your keyboard.

What time zone is the platform set to? How can I change it?

JForex is showing GMT time. Unfrotunately the time-zone settings on the platform cannot be changed.

How can I remove the prices of my trades from the chart?

In the drop-down menus at the top of your platform, choose “Tools”, then “Preferences” and the “Chart Tab”.

At the bottom, you will see “Orders Visualisation”. Here you can deselect the prices you do not want to appear on your chart.

Can I use the same live login and trade on different computers?

Yes, you can and it will not affect your platforms’ performance.

What port do I need to open on my proxy server in order to connect to the JForex platform?

443 and 10443.

Are Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop placed externally –on your server, or locally –on my computer?

All your orders are sent to our servers, so even if your computer is switched off, your Stop Loss order is still alive.

How do I merge positions and what will be the new price of the merged position created? I am using the JForex platform.

At the bottom of the window, on the position tab, select the positions you want to merge by selecting them from the first column. Then right-click on one of the positions and choose “Merge Selected.

To calculate the price of the future position, multiply the price of each position by the amount of the position and add the results together. Then you divide this number by the total amount of positions.

If the two positions have the same value, just add the prices and divide the result by 2. It works the same way for two long positions.

If the orders are going in opposite directions, the new price will be the same as the largest order.

How can I plot the moving average?

To plot the moving average, click on “Add Indicator” under the FX symbol. Choose Common -> Overlap Studies – MA indicator.

Can I export past trades into an Excel file?

Yes. In your reports, simply click the button “Export“.

This option is available in the Portfolio Statement (where you can find your past trades) and the Position Report.

Why does my equity change even when I am not trading?

Your equity changes (in very small amounts) until settlement time (21:00 GMT). This occurs when all your positions are settled according to your base currency.

This is no cause for concern: the swifts will be very insignificant (according to market movement towards traded currencies). If after 21:00 GMT you do not open any positions, your equity will not change.

When I log into my reports, I see the following message: “Session has expired”.

Please make sure that the time, time-zone, and dates on your computer are correct. If they are, contact our Support Team with a link to the report you are trying to open.

How can I set a read-only password?

Please request this by email to support@tier1fx.com



I have a Demo Account and want to apply for 12 remote slots.

You can request this by email to support@tier1fx.com

I hold a Custodian Account. How long does it take for funds to be credited to my account once I close a profitable trade?

At around 22:00 GMT, your profit/loss is calculated and the funds are transferred. {slider-level2 My platform is set to units. How do I relate this to 100 ounces of gold?} One unit of gold equals one ounce.

I am the manager of a PAMM account and have been told I cannot trade gold. Are there any other instruments not available for me except XAU/USD?

The following instruments are not available for Managed Accounts, but for individual traders only:

MT4 Mobile

How do I download the mobile app to my Android phone?

You can download both T1 MT4 Trader and the MetaQuotes MT4 application from Google Play:

download small Tier1FX MT4 Trader or alternatively search for Tier1FX in Google Play: COMING SOON

T1MT4Android googleplay

download small MetaQuotes MT4 application or alternatively search for MetaQuotes in Google Play:


How do I download the mobile app to my iPhone/iPad?

You can download both T1 MT4 Trader and the MetaQuotes MT4 application from iTunes:

download small Tier1FX MT4 iTrader or alternatively search for Tier1FX in iTunes: COMING SOON

T1MT4Apple appstore

download small MetaQuotes MT4 application or alternatively search for MetaQuotes in iTunes:


How do I add instruments to the market watch?

To add an instrument, please select the Quotes tab and tap the “+” symbol in the top right corner.

Then simply click on the group/symbol you wish to add.

How do I place a trade?

android small Android:

gray-square Navigate to the Quotes tab and tap on the instrument you’d like to trade.

gray-square Tap on “New Order”. A pop-up window will appear where you are prompted to specify the volume you wish to trade and whether you wish to place a market or pending order.

gray-square Click on “Buy or Sell” to place your order.

ios small iOS:

gray-square Navigate to the Quotes tab and tap on the instrument you’d like to trade.

gray-square Tap on “Trade”. A pop-up window will appear where you are prompted to specify the volume you wish to trade and whether you wish to place a market or pending order.

gray-square Click on “Buy or Sell” to place your order.

How do I modify or close a trade?

You can view all your open positions in the Trade tab of the mobile app.

Click and hold the open position in question to display the pop-up context menu. Once the menu is displayed, tap on Modify Order or Close Order.

How do I open charts?

Open the Quotes tab and click on the instrument you wish to view.

Then select Chart from the pop-up menu and the required chart will be displayed.

Where can I see my open and pending positions?

You can see your open positions and pending orders under the Trade tab.

Can I see my account history using the mobile app?

Yes. Simply select the History tab and click on the clock icon in the top right corner to specify the required period.

Can I use the app for multiple accounts?

Yes, you can, however you can only login to one account at a time on the same device.

What if I lose the internet connection on my phone?

All your open and pending orders are saved on our server so they will not be affected. You will be simply logged out of your account.

Can I use custom indicators and EAs on the mobile platform?

No, the mobile applications only allow use of the default indicators, preloaded on the platform.

Can I place a Trailing Stop on my mobile platform?

No, unfortunately this feature is not available on the mobile apps.

Can I place pending orders?

Yes, by following these steps:

android small Android:

Navigate to the Quotes tab and tap on the instrument you’d like to trade. Click New Order and select the type of pending order you wish to place.

ios small iOS

Navigate tothe Quotes tab and tap on the instrument you’d like to trade. Click Trade and select the type of pending order you wish to place.

JForex Mobile