Contract Specifications

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pencil Important notes:
– Triple swap is applied on Wednesday 23:00 CET to all FX pairs and Commodities, in order to account for weekend rollovers.
– Triple swap is applied on Friday for all CFDs.


* 1 MT4 lot equals 1 contract size of the traded CFD

* Holiday hours will be posted on our website accordingly
** Daily Break is not applicable on Fridays
*** As of 1 September 2013, CFD Trades in respect of the Italy 40 Index are subject to the Italian Financial Transaction Tax (“IFTT”)
Along with rollover adjustments, cash CFD products may be subject to dividend credits or debits based on either long or short positions.
The formula used is: “Index Dividend Amount” X “Position Size”. If a CFD product is held through the close (5pm EST) of an ex-dividend date than adjustments will be as follows:
– Long positions in a product are credited
– Short positions in a product are debited

Of note, the GER30 does not qualify for dividend adjustments as it is a total returns index and all ex-dividends are automatically reflected in the price.
Italian Financial Transaction Tax (“IFTT”)
Any CFD transactions of the Italy 40 Index are subject to the Italian Financial Transaction Tax, or “IFTT”.
The IFTT will be withdrawn from your AMI clearing account at the end of the business day (5pm EST).
The current IFTT schedule in Euros is shown below.

Notional value of contract in EURO

5K to 10K

10K to 50K

50K to 100K

100K to 500K

500k to 1M










One of the unique features that JForex offers allows you to choose the type of trading contract size. While MT4 operates solely in lots, JForex offers a choice between Units, Thousands and Millions.

The JForex trading contract size that corresponds to 1 standard lot in MT4 is as follows:

– 100,000 Units
– 100 Thousands
– 0.1 Millions

The minimum order size is 1,000 units of the base currency, 1 unit (ounce) for gold and 50 units (ounces) for silver. There is no maximum lot size limitation however fills are subject to available liquidity and margin requirements.

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