Windows OS 2000, XP, Vista, or higherMac OS 10.6 and higherLinux

jforex-web-icon1Professional ECN trading platformjforex-desktop2Full market depth access
jforex-desktop3Unique trading environment based on one of the largest Forex marketplacesjforex-web-icon2Integrated technical analysis tools directly from charts
jforex-web-icon945+ currency pairsjforex-visual-icon1JAVA operating environment
pre-installed180+ trading indicators


  • squareDeep liquidity
    Swiss Foreign Exchange Marketplace (SWFX), ECN spot Forex liquidity serviced by 25 top-tier liquidity providers. Execute up to 100 millions with just one click!
  • squareTransparent pricing
    See up to 10 bids and offers for each currency pair, including volume information, through a depth of market monitor. Pricing is transparent and trading is entirely anonymous.
  • squareWide range of trading orders
    Market, Limit, Stop, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Stop Limit, Trading Stop, Place Bid/Offer, OCO, IFD.
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  • squareFull slippage control: limit or fully exclude slippage on all market orders.
  • squareAdvanced trading functionality, merge positions:
    • squareMerge long and short positions in the same instrument with one click
    • squareFull trading capabilities form the charts
    • squareClose only long/short positions
  • squareBids and Offers: individual Bids and Offers placed directly on the market.
  • squareEquity protection:
    Set a stop loss on your account’s equity to protect yourself against unfavourable price changes. JForex will automatically close open positions and cancel any pending orders should your equity fall below a certain threshold.
  • squareNo restrictions on stop loss and take profit orders:
    You can set your Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TL) prices as close to or as far away from your entry price.
  • squareAlgorithmic trading: tick by tick historical backtesting and strategy builder.

green_squareHighly competitive pricing. Interbank spreads.green_squareHedging and Scalping allowed
green_squareFast, reliable and fully transparent STP executiongreen_squareEquity Protection functionality
green_squareNo conflict of interestsgreen_squareAdvanced, secure and user-friendly Client Portal
green_squareEU regulation and funds protectiongreen_square24/5 dedicated support
green_squareTrust account depositsgreen_squareAdvanced volume-based trading fee reduction system
green_squareNo restrictions on the number of open and pending positionsgreen_squarePending orders placed within just 0.01 pips distance from market


launchapp small You can find more details on the types of accounts we offer here.