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Mission and vision

We believe in fairness, trust and integrity. Our main values are rooted in trust and fairness, in placing our client in the middle of our business model and supporting them in every step of their trading journey.. We believe that this is the base of strong relationships that last. We are a reliable company known for having your best interests in mind. WIth our regulatory status of a pure STP broker and post-trade transparency, our clients are assured that our interests are always aligned with theirs.

In line with our determination to not only say but to also prove ourselves as a reliable partner, our agency model is being annually affirmed by one of the most reputable auditors’ firms in the world.

Our annual financials are also audited by one of the world’s leading auditors, to provide extra assurance that any funds held with us are secure and our resources are adequately managed at all times. Our auditors, compliance and legal teams are dedicated to developing and monitoring our activities through a set of comprehensive tools and solutions.

T1 Company

Tier1fx Values


Our relationship with our clients is based on a mutually beneficial approach. We strive to provide the best trading environment in which you can develop your performance with confidence and subject to nothing but pure market conditions. Transparency is key.


Our passion and conviction of the fact that the world of Forex can and should be different mark one of our company’s main visions: leading our sector by putting the client at the centre of the equation.


Our clients’ performance and protection are our priority.
We are dedicated to providing a holistic and boutique experience, listening and adapting to each client’s specific needs to offer a tailor-made and bespoke service
Fully MiFID II compliant, we ensure that our clients’ funds and interests are protected at all times, in line with the best practices and current laws


It is Tier1FX’s team business approach of constant improvement, flexibility and personal dedication that makes Tier1FX truly stand out in the foreign exchange industry.

A fairer Forex trading is possible

We believe that a fairer and trust-worthy Forex industry is the only way ahead and we envision it possible through a pure and trusted DMA/STP model and dedication to clients’ needs and best interest



TIER1FX was founded in 2013. The firm is a pioneer in bringing true Direct Market Access (DMA) to the retail FX industry. We are aiming at the high level of services, offering a new way of transparent trading with our main values present at every step of the way: Agility, Boldness, Fairness and Caring.

T1 Company

Work with us!

At Tier1fx we don’t just offer you a job - we offer an opportunity to invest in your future and make a difference. Have a look at our current vacancies.