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Bank Wire

Payment Method

Processing Time

1 business day*

Processing Fees Deposits **


Processing Fees Withdrawals **

EUR 15 / GBP 15 / USD 20

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* Processing Time: Deposits are applied on the day they are received and withdrawals are processed by Tier1FX within 1 business day. Please note that SEPA transfers may take 1-2 business days to appear on your bank account and non-SEPA bank transfers may take up to 5-8 business days.

** Refers to Tier1FX Administrative Fees. Fees may be otherwise charged by the issuing, receiving and/or correspondent banks.


  • All deposits/withdrawals must be made from/to a bank account in your name. Third-party transfers are not accepted and will be instantly refunded.

  • We do not charge fees on deposits however your bank or intermediary banks may apply charges. We will credit your trading account the net amount received in our bank account.

  • Deposits made in a currency other than the currency of your T1 trading account will be converted into your account’s currency, using our settlement exchange rate from the previous day. Currency conversion fee may also apply.

  • If deposits are made in a currency other than the currency of our bank account, funds will be automatically converted at our bank’s current exchange rate, which may be less favourable to you.

  • Withdrawals: all withdrawals will be sent back to the bank account you used to fund your account. If this bank account is no longer active, our Support Team will guide you on steps to take to have the funds sent to another bank account under your name.

  • You can view a history of all deposits and withdrawals on your account in the Transaction History tab of section “Transfers” on your Client Portal, if you are trading on the MT4 platform. If you are trading on another platform, you can see these details directly on the platform’s reporting facility.

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