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Why Tier1fx

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Discover a new class/level/model of broker-client relationship

We have a golden vision: a new approach to the world of finance, based on the needs and aspirations of the trader - you. Tier1FX started off as a result of our firm belief that this is possible and right and in response to the widespread demand for greater transparency, flexibility and reliability. We believe that a unique agency model like ours, that aligns our success with the success of our clients and partners, is the only path to building solid, durable and trust-worthy relationships. Our focus lays in delivering prime trading conditions, enhanced by a sophisticated trading infrastructure, certified STP/DMA execution, flexible solutions and continuous personalized support on every step of your trading journey.

T1 Brokerage

The main advantages


Eliminating the innate conflict of interest, typical for many broker-client relationship, lays the foundations of a solid and durable partnership. Tier1FX is a boutique broker house where we ensure that client’s interests are our interests. By offering a unique combination of technology and best industry practices, we guarantee the same optimal trading conditions to all our clients. Tier1FX does not benefit of client’s losses in any way.


One of the largest liquidity pools at your disposal. Multi-liquidity aggregation to offer you the best available bid/ask price in all market conditions.

Latency Execution

Low latency execution makes the difference. The faster your trades are filled, the better chances to optimize your results.

The New way of Transparent Trading

Good business is built on trust and the foundations of trust lay in transparency. So that you can make informed and confident decisions: the T1 guarantee: fair, transparent, flexible and competitive trading solutions.

Ultimate Trading Technology

Tier1FX has partnered with industry leaders to offer the best high-frequency, low-latency trading experience possible in a STP-DMA execution environment.


Regulated in the EU, we are fully committed to providing a safe, secure and protected environment for you and your assets. Segregated clients’ funds accounts and the Investor Compensation Scheme are only some of the benefits and rights which EU regulation offers you as a client.

T1 Brokerage

Trading with Tier1FX

Experience prime trading conditions and dedicated support


Beyond your performance. Prime and flexible trading conditions to suit your needs - the centre of our business model

We strongly believe that transparent and honest business must be the rule, not the exception. Our agency model is based on a fair win-win approach, that aligns our success with the success of our clients. To ensure that nothing stands in the way of this synchronized partnership, we want to enable our clients to make informed decisions and have access to post-trade reports and data.

T1 Brokerage

Our customer service,
dedicated to you

We are here to support you throughout your entire Tier1FX trading experience. Our team of multilingual professionals is here to offer you high-quality personalized support and solutions on every step of your trading journey.

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