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Tier1FX Asset Manager's solutions

  • Tier1FX ultra-low latency trading technology and prime DMA/STP liquidity to enhance your trading.

  • A wide range of investment vehicles to meet your regulatory needs.

  • T1 MAM is an advanced multi-account trade allocation and risk control system that overcomes the limitations of other MT4 based systems.

  • Tailored-made liquidity setups depending on the size of your trades.

  • Full post-trade reporting available including the liquidity provider that filled each trade and at what price.

Asset Managers

Regulatory umbrella solutions

If you're looking for a regulated solution for your Asset Management business, we have the right offering for you. Contact us to discuss a detailed proposal based on your needs.

The ultimate professional MAM solution you need

T1 MAM provides the ultimate solution that overcomes MT4-based MAMs limitations

Asset Managers

T1 MAM Key Benefits

Trading strategy protection

Prevent your trading strategies from being copied with our back-office based managed accounts. Protect your intellectual property, yet keeping your clients fully informed with real-time back-office reporting tools.

All trading strategies allowed

All trading strategies supported. Please see Trading Conditions & Execution for more details.

Customized new investors' joining schedule

Manage clients’ permission to join managed trading programs on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Seamless trading activity

Deposit and withdraw funds at any time without affecting positions and other clients’ trades.

Allocation % precision down to the 8th decimal

T1 MAM gives you the unique ability to allocate trades by percentage down to the 8th decimal across multiple clients’ accounts.

Automated Fees Distribution

Performance & Management Fee distribution can be fully or semi-automated and applied monthly, quarterly or annually.

Automatic High-Watermark Tracking

Monitor and ensure transparency on your performance portfolio by tracking HWM.

Multi-Level Partner Structures

A scalable business-growth opportunity, allowing you to work with a number of partners.

Advanced leads/clients management

Full-cycle back-office solution, allowing detailed real-time monitoring of new leads and existing clients. Track new registrations, traded volume and rebates, as well as other important statistics, through our comprehensive reporting tools.

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