Our Support Team is ready to assist you within market hours and in case of emergency, when you have no other option to close your open trades.

Please note that we can only execute phone orders to close open positions. Unfortunately we cannot accept phone orders to open new positions or place contingency (stops, limits, MIT, OCO, etc).

Our order desk can be reached by calling +356 2327 3000.

The following steps should be followed to transact via the telephone:
1. You will be asked to provide your account number/login, full name and Secret Question Answer.
2. Once your identity is confirmed, you will be asked to provide the ticket number of the trade you wish to close.
T1 Representative will confirm the details of the trade (e.g. “This is a short position for 2 mini lots
EUR/USD”) and will provide an indicative market price.
3. If you wish to close all open trades, you must say so. In this case, the T1 Rep will confirm the details of
all open trades
4. It is your responsibility to ensure that the T1 Rep understands your order and to correct him/her if the
order read back to you is not what you want.
5. You must confirm that you authorize T1 to close the trade(s) and the T1 Rep will proceed to do so.
6. Once trade(s) is/are closed, the T1 Rep will confirm that “Ticket #123456 0.2 EUR/USD is closed at 1.2345”.
7. You will receive the trade closure details report as an email.

Client: Hello, I wish to close a trade.
T1 Rep: Hello, May I have your full name, account number and Secret Question answer please?
Client: My name is John Smith, account 12345, Secret Question answer “password”.
T1 Rep: Ok, thank you. What is the ticket number of the trade you wish to close?
Client: Ticket number 12345678
T1 Rep: Ok, the trade in question is a short position for 2 mini lots EUR/USD, is that correct?
Client: Yes, that is correct.
T1 Rep: Current market price is 1.2345. Do you want to close the trade?
Client: Yes, please close it.
T1 Rep: Ticket number 12345678 closed at 1.23334. You will receive an email with the order details.

Please note:
**In case of unsuccessful “Secret Question & Answer” authorization or if you refuse to go through this process, your instructions will not be accepted.
**Your instructions may need to be given in English.