The current Margin Requirements for Retail Clients are based on the underlying instruments traded, as per ESMA’s product intervention measures, in effect from 1st August 2018. Find out more here.

Stopout Level for Retail Clients is set at 50% Margin Level (50% of the initial required margin) and for Non-Retail clients – at 100%.

Margin call is set at 100% of Margin Level for all clients.

Once Margin Level reaches or falls below the Stopout Level, the system will automatically begin to close your open positions, starting from the most unprofitable

Tier1FX does not make actual margin calls. Nevertheless, for better protection of your funds, we have set a Margin Call level of 100%. Once it is reached, you would not be able to open new trades, unless for hedging.

For more details, please see Margin Requirements.