Taking its rebranding journey a step further, Tier1FX launches a new online application with a modern look and latest technology solutions behind it. Since its inception in 2014, Tier1FX has sought to set the industry standard for its business offerings within an increasingly regulated market environment.

Closely following from the launch of its newly Brand Identity and entire revamped website towards the end of 2018, Tier1FX is pleased to announce a new milestone in its journey with the launch of a new online clients’ applications’ process which is entirely upgraded and which incorporates intelligent, intuitive and agile features along with an outstanding visual approach to make client registration quicker, smoother and conclusive within a single application process.

A boutique DMA-STP broker, Tier1FX’s business model is centred around its clients’ best interests and it is constantly looking for ways to improve the investor’s overall experience and to build lasting, competent relationships.

From the start of our rebranding journey, we were determined to invest time and effort into creating one of the best on-boarding processes in the industry. We wanted for this first point of interaction of the client with us to reflect our commitment to cutting-edge technology, smooth processes and dedication to an ever-improving customer experience and support, every step of the way. This was our goal and I strongly believe we have achieved it.” Albert Galera, Tier1FX COO, comments.

Intelligent, intuitive and unique

This new application was developed in line with the Company’s vision and aims to address the foremost issue and potential obstacle faced by a prospective client; that of completing the onboarding registration forms, and receipt back of subsequent confirmations, within a timely, efficient and importantly, a satisfactory manner.

The new application has been developed in collaboration with Tier1FX’s digital partner Develapps, a well-seasoned and forward-thinking team of experts, specialized in innovative digital projects.

The clean modern look of the clients’ registration interface is backed by a powerful intuitive engine that contributes to a smooth and an efficient account opening process, as well as to a swift acknowledgement of receipt and approval of application (within as little as 10 minutes* of its preliminary submission).

A number of intelligent built-in solutions contribute to the improved user experience. Effortless navigation, automated progress-saving, the ability to switch between your computer and phone while completing your application and the option to upload documents in real-time through your smartphone camera (even if you are completing the application form your computer!), add up to the list of smart features:

– Typing auto-recognition
– Progress auto-saving
– Easy and intuitive navigation
– Instant field verification
– Secure sing off by SMS code
– Fast and easy way to provide your documents
– Real-time connectivity with smartphone camera

“The process was challenging. As a regulated broker, we sought to bring balance between the complexity of financial services on-boarding and the profile of today’s investor: smart, modern and time-conscious. After careful research and analysis, we knew that we wanted to focus on a new User Experience flow with a crisp modern design and smart back-end solutions that allow users to go through the application process smoothly, confidently and effortlessly.”
Explains Borja Albaladejo, Head of Marketing, Tier1FX.

*Applicable within normal business hours. This refers to the acknowledgement of receipt, initial application review, feedback and/or account opening approval provided to the client. Account opening approval will be subject to the Company obtaining all the necessary disclosures and documents in accordance with its clients’ onboarding procedures and requirements.

About Tier1FX

Tier1FX is the Foreign Exchange division of Hogg Capital Investments Ltd, a Category II Investment Services Company (registration number C 18954), authorized and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and located at Nu Bis Centre, Mosta Road, Lija LJA9012, Malta.

A boutique provider of prime liquidity, trading and technology solutions; The group’s reputation is built on a foundation of trust, reliability and transparency. Tier1FX offers a fair and reliable DMA-STP trading venue, with no dealer intervention, where clients can trade with confidence, security and prime market conditions.

Further information is available at www.tier1fx.com