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Do you accept residents of all countries?

Due to regulatory restrictions, we are unable to accept applications from residents of the following countries: USA, Iran, North Korea, Japan.

I can’t login to my trading account!

This could be due to several reasons: Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection, preferably not a wireless one; Make sure that you have typed in your correct password; it is better to type it in manually, rather than copy and paste it; Remember that passwords are case sensitive and that some letters … Continued

Do you offer bonuses?

No, we do not. Instead, we prefer to focus on constantly improving your trading experience and conditions by investing in first-class liquidy, execution and technology.

How long is my demo valid for?

Tier1FX demo accounts are valid for 60 days by default. If you wish to extend this period, please send a request to before the 60-day period is up.