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What are your Margin Requirements? What is your Stopout Level

The current Margin Requirements for Retail Clients are based on the underlying instruments traded, as per ESMA’s product intervention measures, in effect from 1st August 2018. Find out more here. Stopout Level for Retail Clients is set at 50% Margin Level (50% of the initial required margin) and for Non-Retail clients – at 100%. Margin … Continued

Why are Rollover rates higher on Wednesday?

Swaps applied to open positions on Wednesday are multiplied by three (3), in order to compensate for the weekend. This is due to the fact that Forex spot transactions settle two (2) business days from the date of the actual trade.

When is rollover/swap applied?

Rollover is applied daily at 21:00 GMT (00:00 server time). To see Rollover rates by instrument, click here.

Can I use Expert Advisors?

Yes, you can backtest, optimise and apply the EAs* of your choice on both MT4 and JForex. As JForex is a Java based platform, EAs applied to JForex accounts need to be in Java programing language. Choosing, evaluating, using and monitoring an EA is entirely at client’s own discretion and should not be in violation … Continued