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Do you offer bonuses?

No, we do not. Instead, we prefer to focus on constantly improving your trading experience and conditions by investing in first-class liquidy, execution and technology.

Can I make a deposit in a currency other than my trading account’s currency?

Yes, you can. It is important however to always deposit into the Tier1FX bank account, the currency of which matches the currency of your trading account. For example, if your trading account is held in euro, you need to send funds (in the currency of your choice) to our EUR bank account. Such deposits will … Continued

Can we fund our Joint Account from our individual bank accounts?

Yes, you can use either account holders’ personal bank account. In such case, funds can only be withdrawn back to that same individual bank account, up to the amount that has been deposited through it. In all other cases, funds from a joint trading account, including profits, can only be redeemed back to a joint … Continued

Can I fund my account using my joint bank account?

Yes, you can. Please note that we may require further supporting documents, such as a bank statement showing both account holders’ names.