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How do I withdraw funds?

Simply visit the “Transfers” section of your Client Portal. Please note that as a standard procedure withdrawals are to be sent back to the bank account from which you funded your account. For a detailed guide on funding and withdrawals from the Client Portal, please see here or contact us at Important: Funds can … Continued

Can you send my funds back in a currency other than my trading account’s currency?

Unfortunately, this option is currently unavailable. Funds can only be sent out in the currency of your trading account.

Can we withdraw funds from our Joint Account to an individual bank account?

This is only possible if the Joint Bank account has been funded via a transfer from the said individual bank account. In that case, we can send back to the individual bank account up to the amount that has been deposited through it. In all other cases, funds from a joint trading account, including profits, … Continued

I have a managed account. Can I withdraw funds from it at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw up to 80% of your equity. If you wish to withdraw more, you would need to first leave the MAM by pressing the “Leave Program” button on your portal. Please note that even if withdrawing a small amount, you are still responsible for monitoring your exposure and ensuring that you have … Continued